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TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

18 Feb 2017 22:17

Stocks were up this week as the bulls were persuaded with strong economic data and faith in new upcoming tax policy to spark economic growth. Though...

A pause

17 Feb 2017 07:23

Stocks spent most of the day on Thursdays with modestly negative returns but rallied into the close to end the day mixed and nearly flat. The S&P...

Investors love the tax talk

16 Feb 2017 07:22

Stocks opened lower again on Wednesday but it didn't take long for that to turnaround, and more comments from President Trump about his new tax plan...

Yellen keeps rally alive

15 Feb 2017 15:55

Stocks opened on the downside on Tuesday but immediately caught a bid and after the magic of a Janet Yellen congressional hearing, stocks accelerated...

Rally continues, but is it getting euphoric?

14 Feb 2017 00:39

Stocks rallied again on Monday as the change in economic growth perception has investors racing into the market. Percentage-wise is was a good day as...

Can the "Trump taxes" rally continue this week?

13 Feb 2017 07:11

It wasn't a huge rally, but 0.33% - 0.56% is more solid gains added onto the Thursday big day so the Trump taxes comment rally got some...

TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

12 Feb 2017 22:44

Stocks started weaker this week but were able to stay in a narrow trading channel for the first few days. Come Thursday and Friday, stocks produced...

New highs testing resistance

10 Feb 2017 07:22

Stocks rallied Thursday after some positive comments from President Trump regarding taxes. The Dow jumped 118-points and we saw gains of near 0.60%...

Mixed / flat again

9 Feb 2017 07:22

Stocks were mixed but mostly flat again yesterday after a weak open, but some buying kicked in as the day progressed. The Dow ended the day down...


8 Feb 2017 07:08

Stocks opened moderately higher on Tuesday but they drifted lower most of the day closing just off their lows, but the three major indices, Dow, S&P,...

Should I Buy Term or Whole Life Insurance?

7 Feb 2017 16:19

I get it. Insurance, no matter what kind, is always a tough topic to broach. It’s an expense from which you don’t derive any immediate benefit...

Digestion of the jobs report rally

7 Feb 2017 07:19

Stocks floundered a bit after Friday's big jobs report triggered rally. It's not the worst action in the world, but the bulls will have to wait ...

"Europe Must Defend Itself Against A Dangerous President"

7 Feb 2017 03:59

Never in my life did I expect to see a headline like this: From the German News Magazine "Der Spiegel": Europe Must Defend Itself Against A...

The jobs report triggers rally

6 Feb 2017 07:20

Early Friday morning the overnight futures were trading decidedly negative until the jobs report was released an hour before the market opened, and...

TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

4 Feb 2017 20:19

Stocks fell early this week after Trump's immigration ban executive order was not taken well by most to say the least. Dip buyers showed up during...

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