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Weak open gets bought

28 Mar 2017 06:22

Stocks gapped lower on Monday morning and within minutes the Dow was down 184-points. Buyers quickly stepped up and we saw the indices come well off...

No vote on healthcare - what will it mean for stocks?

27 Mar 2017 06:22

It was a mixed and volatile day for stocks on Friday as investors awaiting the outcome of the healthcare bill. As the day went on and we saw no...

TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

25 Mar 2017 21:07

The highly anticipated results of the healthcare vote never manifested as the republicans pulled the bill because they did not have the votes to pass...

Healthcare vote put on hold

24 Mar 2017 06:13

It was a classic reversal day yesterday as stocks opened flat, rallied up to some healthy gains, and reversed down to close slightly negative. The...

Healthcare vote today... Could set market tone

23 Mar 2017 06:28

Stocks tacked on some losses early yesterday before the bleeding stopped and the indices found some stability. The results were mixed with the Dow...

Gridlock and obstruction taking toll

22 Mar 2017 06:20

Believe it or not, stocks opened higher on Tuesday but it turned out to be a Turnaround Tuesday and stocks spent most of the day heading south after...

Cup and handle or lower high?

21 Mar 2017 06:22

Stocks were mixed but mostly lower on Monday with the Dow losing 9-points, the S&P shedding almost 5, while the Nasdaq was flat. Small caps and the...

Seasonality issues in late March?

20 Mar 2017 06:27

Stocks were mostly flat again on Friday as volatility has been low and trading ranges tight lately. The Dow lost just 20-points but because of the...

TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

18 Mar 2017 18:53

Stocks kept within a tight range to start the week off as anticipation of the FOMC meeting kept traders at bay. The Fed did raise rate basis 25...

Fed hike, stocks spike

16 Mar 2017 06:20

Stocks opened modestly higher on Wednesday and accelerated to the upside after the FOMC rate hike announcement. There was a slight dip into the...

Nerves in front of the Fed

15 Mar 2017 06:22

Investors showed some nerves in front of today's FOMC meeting and probable rate hike. The Dow lost 44-points on the day but once again we are ...

The calm before the Fed

14 Mar 2017 06:22

Neither the bulls nor the bears were willing to trade with any conviction yesterday as it was a quiet day in front of the two-day FOMC meeting which...

Stocks rally after jobs report

13 Mar 2017 06:09

Stock futures were moving higher into Friday's early jobs report and we did see a brief pop after the report, but the reaction was fairly muted by...

TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

11 Mar 2017 21:02

Stocks were down early this week kicking off a change in momentum in the major indices. The week continued with some weak closes and a jobs report...

February Jobs Report

10 Mar 2017 15:35

*U.S. creates 235,000 jobs in February; unemployment 4.7%* U.S. creates 235,000 jobs in February; unemployment 4.7% - MarketWatch...

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