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Bias Remains Higher

25 Jun 2017 01:06

Last week, I said I was leaning bullish for the new week as downside pressure was not particularly worrisome. I also pointed out that breadth and...

TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

24 Jun 2017 19:23

Stocks ended the week with gains but the highs of the week were seen on Monday. From there the gains slipped and the action became choppy and the...

Late selling spoils early gains

23 Jun 2017 06:13

After a mostly positive morning and early afternoon of trading, stocks took a little dive into the close with a last hour sell-off. The trading range...

FANG up, everyone else... down

22 Jun 2017 06:22

While most of the market struggled on Wednesday, the "FANG" stocks decided to buck the trend and bounce back from Tuesday's sell-off. So while the...

Failed breakout?

21 Jun 2017 06:22

Stocks pulled back on Tuesday with widely varying degrees of losses depending on the sector. The Dow lost 62-points, giving back just a fraction of...

Keeping Everyone Guessing

20 Jun 2017 22:56

It looks like volatility is back again, though for how long I don't know. Tuesday's selling pressure took back the bulk of Monday's gains, though the...

New highs on tepid volume

20 Jun 2017 06:10

Stocks started the new week with a sharp rally that was pretty broad in nature, although volume wasn't all that impressive given the size of the...

Watch the Nasdaq for the next clue

19 Jun 2017 06:17

Stocks were mixed again on Friday, but once again the bulls were able to take the indices well off the early lows. The Dow ended the day up...

Bears Beware

18 Jun 2017 19:30

In my last blog, I said I was neutral heading into the new week and thought that volatility might become a bit more prevalent after the previous...

TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

18 Jun 2017 00:17

Again we see a week with no real trend. Stocks were mixed all around ithin the major indices, which makes it hard to pin point what exactly is on...

Early selling gets bought again

16 Jun 2017 06:28

It's really getting quite remarkable / frustrating / exciting / disappointing - fill in the blank. For the last two weeks the bears have put all...

Fed raises rates and market digests it with mixed bag results

15 Jun 2017 06:05

The initial reaction after the Fed's policy statement announcement was rather benign. Then we experience a bout of selling, followed by the...

New highs before rate hike?

14 Jun 2017 06:05

The resilient market does it again as we saw new highs in several indices after a couple of days of shake-up. The Dow gained 93-points while 0.4% to...

The rotation continues

13 Jun 2017 06:27

Rotation, rotation, rotation. That's the word on Wall Street for the strange action we are seeing with big declines in some indices / sectors, while...

Sector rotation causing wild divergences in indices

12 Jun 2017 06:15

If you look at the final numbers from Friday you could easily derive that it was another boring day for stocks. Yeah, the Dow gained a solid...

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