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Post Inauguration and big earnings week

23 Jan 2017 07:22

Stocks opened higher on Friday but chopped around quite a bit before a late push higher helped the indices to post strong gains. The Inauguration...

TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

21 Jan 2017 21:09

The market fell into negative territory early this week as traders sold early in front of the inauguration. A 'sell the news' reaction was the talk...

Dipping into Inauguration Day

20 Jan 2017 07:22

Stocks drifted lower on Thursday with modest losses posted in many indices. The Dow lost 72-points, small caps lagged, and the Dow Transportation...

Slow going, waiting on the financials

19 Jan 2017 07:18

Stocks opened lower on Wednesday although it was a mixed bag as the Nasdaq and small caps stayed green most of the day while the Dow lagged and...

Consolidation continues

18 Jan 2017 07:22

Stocks opened lower on Tuesday morning and chopped around most of the day As soon as buyers stepped in, the sellers pounced, but buyers were also...

Indices flirting with new highs

17 Jan 2017 07:25

Stocks opened higher on Friday after Thursday's positive reversal day. The indices couldn't really hold the opening prices as the Dow closed...

TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

14 Jan 2017 21:01

Stocks were mixed this week with modest gains in small caps while large caps fell short in their fight to break even. A news conference from Donald...

The swings continue

13 Jan 2017 07:22

The market has been a little confused lately with big intraday swings the last few days. The nearly 200-point decline on Thursday morning was...

Roller coaster ride ends well

12 Jan 2017 07:22

It was quite a roller coaster ride for stocks on Wednesday as they rallied out of the gate in early trading and the Dow was up 117 by...

Indices diverging wildly

11 Jan 2017 07:11

Stocks were mixed again on Tuesday with the Dow shedding 32-points, the S&P 500 was flat, and the the Nasdaq was up solidly. Small caps and the...

Post jobs report dip

10 Jan 2017 07:22

Stocks opened lower on Monday morning and the indices really couldn't get any traction during the day, closing near the lows. The Dow lost 76-points...

20,000 came up just short again

9 Jan 2017 07:12

The media obsession with Dow 20,000 hit a frenzy on Friday as we came with 0.37 of hitting the milestone before peaking a dipping back some into the...

TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

7 Jan 2017 19:42

The new year started off with gains across the board for the TSP funds. The TSP stock funds, C, S, and I, lead as they were all up more than 1.5% for...

December Jobs Report

6 Jan 2017 14:26

*U.S. added 156,000 jobs last month, while jobless rate ticked up to 4.7%* Job Growth Slows in December; Wages Post Best Gain Since 2009 - WSJ...

Will the jobs report push indices to new highs?

6 Jan 2017 07:22

Stocks opened slightly lower on Thursday and the bears proceeded to put some pressure on until late morning when we saw some buying kicked...

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